Coworking spaces in Varna, Bulgaria. What to expect if you are a digital nomad?

What are the options for coworking spaces in the city of Varna? What to expect if you are a digital nomad?

Coworkings in Varna

As you already noticed, we are always in a search for good coworking spaces. Bulgarian summer brought us in Varna – the third largest city in the country, located on the Black Sea coast. Varna offers plenty of beaches, bars, and discos but we also checked co-workings available for freelancers and entrepreneurs. 

First of the coworking spaces that we visited was Beehive –  the oldest coworking in the city, founded in April 2014. We were kindly shown around the few not big but functional rooms. The industrial design was completed with wall art in Giger style and Barrels, painted in bright colors. The facilities include a conference room, rented hourly or long-term, a soundproofed cabin for calls, and a smoker’s space. You can pay by the day, week or month. Our friendly host asked: “Please clarify that we do not work during the weekend, we don’t want to confuse people”. So, remember to visit on working days till 6 pm.

Coworkings in Varna

The next coworking space that we heard about was StartUp Center Varna. Unfortunately, we found that place closed. There was no information attached to the doors and no one opened us. We hope that the problem is temporary and soon they will be back in business.

What about coworking cafés? Not real coworking spaces, but life-saving sometime.

After that, we went to Cubo – not a real coworking, but one of the best beach and cocktail bars in the city. Cubo is a place with a unique vibe and his lemonade is a must. Also, pet-friendly and actually  … everything friendly, we felt totally free there. With free WiFi and perfect sea view, suitable for 1-2 hours of work, because with increasing the day increased and the noise, so not proper space for calls. If you visit Cubo do not forget your swimming suit because its location is right on the beach.

Coworkings in Varna

Coworkings in Varna

This is how we saw Varna. Sunny, full of life, full of travelers and strangers, searching for work and fun. Happy coworking and see you soon!

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