Tip Your Toes in The Coworking Café Culture of Paris

3 lovely places to check out while in the most beautiful city in the world. For less than 5 euro.

Cortesy: Anticafé

We all can recall those days when working from a café would mean lingering for hours over a shamefully overpriced cup of coffee at a busy Starbucks. Where you got to fight for a table, especially if next to a plug. And constant noise and distraction just adding up to your unfortunate fate of a freelancer.

Luckily, the entrepreneurial strive of today has brought not only the coworking spaces but also the coworking cafés. Where atmosphere is cozy and relaxed but also professional. And where creativity and productivity are truly nurtured.

Those cafes provide an ideal environment for solo work or a business meeting, some even offering private conference rooms and call areas. And all that topped with unlimited coffee of superb quality made by a professional barista.

DigiCo team had the chance to try out a few while in Paris. A great way to catch up on some work while on a short trip to the French capital.

Concept of all cafés is simple. You pay only for the time spent, everything else is included. This means you can enjoy unlimited coffee, tea and fresh soft drinks, all-you-can-eat sweet and savory snacks, and high-speed WiFi. You can also book a table, a room or the entire place at an additional cost.

Here are our top 3 coworking cafés in Paris:

Hubsy Café & Coworking

We just love this place. Located in 3rd arrondissement, it is aside from the tourist crowds and yet in the heart of the city. Super comfy and cozy, with the sweetest staff, Hubsy provides a very positive and relaxed environment to work, study, host meetings or conduct interviews. Snacks are plentiful and the owners take great pride in their coffee, Pfaff having been awarded best French coffee roaster in 2014.

With two locations already on the map and the intention to expand further, we are certain Hubsy is about to become Paris freelancers’ hottest spot.

Courtesy: Hubsy Café & Coworking

Pros: Super friendly staff speaks flawless English; Coffee is awesome; Vegan and gluten-free options; République shop is very spacious and airy, with call rooms.

Cons: Arts & Métiers shop is pretty squeezed and there are no call rooms (it recoups with a great view though).

5€/first hour, 2€/each additional 1/2 hour, 20€/day, 250€/month

Nuage Café

What a fascinating and aesthetically pleasing space. Located in the favored amongst literature lovers Latin Quarter, Nuage Café was once the high school of Cyrano de Bergerac. You might even find his desk here.

Nuage, meaning cloud, is true to its name, it’s essentially comprised of several small, cozy pockets of seating and tables. You will surely notice that books play a significant role in the creative atmosphere of the place – they are all around, placed on the shelves, underneath the tables, on the small chairs, hidden even in the stairwell.

A professional network is created among those sharing the space. In-house services include ordering a coffee via your laptop. All you need to do is to register your seat online.

Courtesy: Nuage Café

Pros: Location; Light and airy space; Lovely books to read; Vegan options.

Cons: It can get very quiet and thus not suitable for group work or business meetings; No call rooms.

4€/hour, 20€/day, 80€/week, 250€/month


The biggest of the three. With 4 shops in Paris, several places across France and one in Rome, Anticafé is a vibrant community. And a franchise chain.

We’ve tried 3 of the shops in Paris and were left with rather mixed feelings.

République and Louvre shops are well-decorated and well-maintained but you can feel really cramped when place is full. Olympiades shop, on the other hand, has a large open space with a beautiful covered patio. There are several separated meeting rooms and group work areas. A huge advantage of this shop is that it’s actually a part of a big innovation hub providing great networking opportunities. We just loved it.

Courtesy: Anticafé

Pros: Suitable for group work; Most shops work late hours; There are board games; Olympiades is a hidden gem.

Cons: Other shops are small and tend to get overcrowded; No call rooms.

5€/hour, 24€/day, 240€/month

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