Is Marketing at The End of The Startups’ List?

Or why marketing should be a vital part of every startup’s strategy.

In the previous article we illustrated why marketing is that important for young companies. We have introduced the first 5 steps of a marketing strategy.

Here’s the other 5 components you need to know about:

  1. Try out Advertising on Google

Google helps customers find what they’re looking for when they are searching for it. Getting in the right place at the right moment is crucial. Investing in PPC can make a serious impact for some businesses by boosting their sales to the roof.

  1.     Use Email Marketing

Contrary to the popular belief, email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to introduce your business to people on a more personal level. However, getting people to open and read your emails is a totally different thing. Most people get hundreds of emails a day, many of which are from other businesses just like yours, and most of them end up getting deleted. So making your emails stand out from the multitude and catch the eye of your readers is essential.

  1.     Participate in Events

What about going the business networking route? It always works, no doubt about it. Show up at the right place where you will meet key players in your industry. Develop a relationship with these people. Networking can be called old school, but it’s still one of the most effective startup marketing campaigns.

  1.     Do good Branding

First get to know what branding is. And brand image, brand identity, brand loyalty. Use its tactics, build strategies and always think of your products as a brand. Although it might seem pretty intangible at first, it’ll start paying off far more quickly than anticipated.

  1.  Live up to Customers’ Expectations

Make sure you get your act together as regards quality, delivery and customer service. Never underestimate your clients and always respond to their needs.

How can I keep up with that much of work?

If you really desire to achieve the goals you set for your startup, then these strategies are your lifesavers. But it does sound like tons of work, doesn’t it? And yes, it is. A vital part of your company’s success is the time and money you invest in all those marketing steps. But how can you do, or even supervise all this work, while putting your focus on your product development? Wouldn’t you feel overwhelmed and overburdened? You most likely will.

At DigiCo, we know how important is for startups to be entirely dedicated to their products. We also know that turning an idea to a business that converts takes a process, and at the foundation of that process lies a good marketing strategy. Something you cannot just sprinkle on top.

Here is why we come up with a full package of marketing services specially designed to suit startups’ needs and specifics. Without breaking the bank. Here is how.

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