Do Startups Really Think Marketing Can Be Sprinkled on Top?

Or why so many great ideas fail.

Nine out of 10 startups fail. And one of the 5 top reasons for that unfortunate outcome is poor marketing. Or lack of marketing at all. Because no matter how wonderful your product is, if customers cannot find you, they cannot buy you.

Many startups don’t have any clue on how to market themselves or their products to prospective customers. Or they cannot bear to spend money on marketing. This is a huge mistake that some entrepreneurs make when the money gets tight.

Well, if you don’t invest in a good marketing strategy, how then do you expect customers to get to know about your business? And if you don’t get customers…well, let’s just say your startup will fail before it starts.

Polishing products and services until they shine brightly in the sunshine is a waste of money. Smart entrepreneurs do realize they need to also invest in marketing. Here’s how they get the word out early and often via all available media, especially digital media.

Those are usually the startups that not only survive but eventually prosper.

Here’s what you need to know about marketing if starting your own company:

  1. Start off with a Marketing Strategy

An effective startup marketing campaign is not about trying everything out there just to see what works. As when you do this you are spending money, potentially lots of it. A good marketing strategy is about trying the approaches that suit your business and apply to your budget. Here is why building a step-by-step strategy is essential for a product’s success.

  1.    Create a simple yet striking Website

Your website is your business’ 24/7 online representative. Do you want it to be confusing, slow and unfriendly or rather prefer it being informative, fast and highly functional? Let that sink in.

  1.     Do effective SEO

Because it’s not enough to have a website. You’ll need your website to be found online, and investing in SEO is the only way to make that happen. Be patient though, because it does take a little time to work. But the results are always amazing if you do it right.

  1.     Build a Blog that boosts your organic reach

Most businesses fail because they don’t blog about what their customers want to read. They rather go on and on about their products. Building a successful blog is not an easy task. It requires time and effort alongside with strong writing skills. And a good research. Once you’ve found the right approach though, you’ll enjoy the long-term benefits of the good organic reach.

  1.     Make Social Media work for you

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have been misused over time because people do not know how to effectively use social media to market their businesses. Different channels suit different businesses and you need to find which suits you.

We got your attention? You can find the next 5 steps here.

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