Are You Ready to Hack The Digital Nomad Lifestyle?

This test will reveal whether you’re ready to become a digital nomad.

Vietnam, Italy, France, Austria, Monaco, Luxembourg, Switzerland, USA, Bulgaria, Hawaii… these are the places where Digico freelancers have been working from for the past 30 days! Impressive, right? Being a digital nomad is so awesome that we are wondering how someone would still sit squeezed in a single office, on the same desk, 5 days a week, all year long.

Co-working spaces and shared working environments have become so important to the business that we cannot imagine what would it be without their presence. New revolutionary opportunities are here and now work is more fun, flexible, results-oriented and satisfying. 

You wonder would you fit for a digital nomad life?

Check out the digital nomad’s characteristics below. Count those you want to get in your life. If you recognize yourself in more than 10 of them –  you should definitely consider working remotely. The results can surely surprise you.

You would like to:

  1. have better time management control
  2. enjoy flexible working hours
  3. choose your office location
  4. travel while working  
  5. be more active
  6. do more hobbies and sports
  7. have more than 20 days off per year
  8. earn more money
  9. spend more time with family, kids and pets
  10. choose your colleagues
  11. be more creative
  12. never wear uniform or dull office clothing
  13. never have fixed hours for lunch and breaks
  14. choose your customers/industry to work for
  15. be free of someone’s constant supervision
  16. attend inspiring trainings and workshops
  17. rest in bed if sick and catch up later
  18. choose how much time and energy to invest into each and every task you have
  19. be your own boss
  20. be free

Still reading? Maybe you have already found the right place for you. Fill out our form and let us know about your interest in working remotely and what marketing skills you have! Get onboard our awesome digi-nomadic team!

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